$ 375.00

DECA Advisors, Leverage your time, and help every one of your students feel prepared for competition season with CU's Prep Track for DECA! Prepared competitors have more fun, shine with confidence, and win more!    

The prep courses contain the exact resources your DECA competitors need to do their best at competition! Courses have tips and strategies that also help competitors separate themselves from the crowd!

  • There are dozens of role play examples, along with lessons containing executive insights, industry jargon, and more that cover each industry's role playing event's to help a student assume the role they are given in the Principles, Individual Series, and Team Decision Making Events. 
  • Exam Prep courses contain pre- and post-quizzes, glossaries, lessons, study quizzes, and 25-50-75-100-question practice exams that are both un-timed and timed for authentic practice!  These activities are based on the specific instructional areas and their key performance indicators on which all DECA exams are based.
  • Written event courses are created with assignments that walk students through all necessary steps of putting together a solid paper and presentation.  
  • Each course follows a one-page printed check list and also has an online check list, to help students simplify the rigorous nature of these projects.  
  • Help Students Choose Their Event with the Casting Call- The Casting Call is designed to break down DECA's events so students can select the best "fit" for them based on their goals, interests, comfort zones and strengths. Find the Casting Call and handout linked on the home page of CU. This resource is free to all!